Industrial air conditioner heat exchangers

American Mclean Thermal Management performance features :
Mclean as a professional thermostat management products
provider. In 1946 Mclean started to manufacture and sell
thermostat control products. In1998 Mclean provies not only standard model products but also customer-tended products model .Main clients including :Catalog ,Hoffman, Lucent ,Hp,IBM, Nortel , Cisco ,GM, Guangzhou electric power,Kunming metallurgy ,Donghai bridge and so on .
     1, UL/CUL  standard on all models
     2, 100 % functionally tested
     3, Good and stable performance.
     4  design  with pleasing aesthetics .Compact minimize .
     5,  special voltage for option.
6, Digital display of enclosure temperature ,high temperature alarm and EMI/RFI noise suppressor on most standard air conditioners .
7, Most of air conditioners offer digital display of temperature and alarm .
8, All units use a CFC!free or enviromentally safe refrigerant that is universally accepted .
9, EZ Mount flanges simplify installation to a two!step ,one Cperson job .
10,Most indoor air cinditioners have a unique condensate mangement system which evaporates moisture from the enclosure .
11, High performance and industrial ball!bearing centrifugal blowers offer the biggest power.
12, Both heater exchanger and air conditioner are opened easily and maintenance from the front cover of unit  .

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