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CR-I Enclosure
CR-II Enclosure

£¨1£©There are perforated mounting strips vertically   spot-welded on both sides ofthe door using self-tapping screws M4 is very convenient.
£¨2£©EPDM seal ensures a reliable seal.
£¨3£©Hinge with captive pins guarantee a door opening angle of 110º
£¨4£©The multifolded enclosure protection channel prevents the ingress of dirt  and water when the door is opened.
£¨5£©The prepunched holes for wall mounting brackets in the rear panel and wall   brackets parts made mounting convenient (mounting blind hole to IP55).
£¨6£©Right hinge may be swapped to opposite side .
£¨8£©Material :
          cold rolled steel plate .
          door : 1.5-2.0mm¡£
          enclosure : 1.2-1.5mm¡£
          mounting plate 2.5-3.0mm£¨Zinc plainted ¡¢powder coated£©
£¨9£©Protection rating :IP54/55
£¨10£©Surface finishing £ºbonderizing £¬powder coated£¨baking lacquer£©

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