"SHANGHAI CHENJI ELECTRICAL CO., LTD." is a provider of electrical and electronic equipments. We have the rights of import and export . Main products including : Computer Room Equipments which include Modular IT Work Table, Modular IT Monitoring Console, Modular Display Screen Wall, Network Enclosure, Server Enclosure, Distributor ; Outdoor Enclosures which include Outdoor Air Conditioner Enclosures, Outdoor Enclosures, Providing bridge box girder enclosure components assembly project ; Enclosures which include 9 fold profiled controlling enclosures, PC Enclosure (Computer Enclosure ), One-piece Console System ; American Mclean Thermostat Management Products which include Industrial Air Conditioners, Heat Exchangers, Fans, Filter Fan Packages ; Finland Fibox Enclosures, Explosion-proof Enclosures ; Stainless Steel Enclosures and Sheet Metal (Stamping )Processing . Protection rating of enclosures respectively reaches 54, 55, 65, 66, 67protection rating certificates and explosion-proof rating certificates.