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"SHANGHAI CHENJI ELECTRICAL CO.,LTD."is a provider of electrical and electronic equipments. We have the rights of import and export . Main products including : Computer Room Equipments which include Modular IT Work Table, Modular IT Monitoring Console,Modular Display Screen Wall,Network Enclosure,Server Enclosure, Distributor ; Outdoor Enclosures which include Outdoor Air Conditioner Enclosures,Outdoor Enclosures, Providing bridge box girder enclosure components assembly project ; Enclosures which include 9 fold profiled controlling enclosures, PC Enclosure (Computer Enclosure ), One-piece Console System ; American Mclean Thermostat Management Products which include Industrial Air Conditioners,Heat Exchangers, Fans,Filter Fan Packages ; Finland Fibox Enclosures,Explosion-proof Enclosures ; Stainless Steel Enclosures and Sheet Metal (Stamping )Processing . Protection rating of enclosures respectively reaches 54,55,65,66,67protection rating certificates and explosion-proof rating certificates.

Laser cutting machine
Powder coated flowages
Baking lacquer flowage
Water curtain spraying room
Numerical control shears machines
Numerical control turret punch presses
Numerical control press brakes
Automatic double-wave soldering machine
Multi spot welding machine
Sawing table cutting machines
Electric single girder bridge cranes
Lathes;Milling machines;Planing machines;Grinders

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